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15 Minute Rule: if you don’t find something quickly, write us at fhslibrary@aku.edu or call us on 4480-4486

Key Contacts:

University Librarian Mr. Normand Demers Ext. 3495 Email:

Head Librarian, FHS Mr. Haider Ali Ext. 4480 Email:

Reference/Advisory Services Mr. Khawaja Mustafa Ext 4485 Email:

Serials and online journals Mr. Musa Khan Ext. 4482 Email:

Collection Development Ms. Humera Ilhaq Ext. 4483 Email:
Memberships Mr. Ezzatullah Ext 4483 Email:

Administrative Support Ms. Sonia Siddiq Ext 4484 Email:

Off campus Access to Online Databases 24X7

The online databases can be accessed off campus wherever the internet can be accessed. You can read, print, and download 15000 e-journals and 50000 e-books 24X7 at anytime and anywhere at your convenience. Your access is through your AKU windows login username (xxx.yyy) and password through the following link: https://vpn.aku.edu

Indexing of Pakistani Journal Articles and User’s Advisory and Reference Services

Faculty can use this service for keeping update of newly arrived books on subjects of their interest. Whenever a new book of a faculty’s interest is received an automatic e-mail is generated and sent to the relevant faculty member.
Medical Journals published in Pakistan are indexed by FHS Library and can be searched using FHS Library online catalog.
We also conduct orientation for all new classes of MBBS, SON, PGME etc. Users can register for In Session or Walk in Training for use of the Library Resources.
The librarians provide citation verification service on request for references with missing bibliographical information and also inform the users regarding the impact factor of the journals.

Electronic Document Delivery

Faculty, students, residents, clinicians and researchers can use this service for acquiring journal article not available in our collection by sending their article citation/details if they are finding any difficulty in accessing/getting the article/s at fhslibrary@aku.edu so that article is acquired free through Inter Library Loan from Pakistani Medical Libraries or Libraries in the Gulf region. In case the article is not available for free, it is purchased from British Library Document Supply Centre (Departmental Budged Codes are used) for charging the cost to the user. A print or soft copy of the article is arranged within 2 weeks.

Our Collection

The library subscribes 400 plus bio-medical journals and this is the best collection of current biomedical journals in the country. The Library adds up to 1000 new books in its collection each year to update its collection, the faculty and clinicians help in collection development by recommending useful titles in their respective disciplines. Presently over 25,000 latest books are available in the library.